The Louisville Ice Cardinals Hockey Club is a youth hockey association based at Iceland Sports Complex, a dual rink facility located just East of Louisville, Ky.

Our mission is the same as that of USA Hockey: " promote the growth of hockey and provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing and administering the sport".

Our slogan “Leave the player, game & association better than when you arrived!"

The Cardinals hockey club is committed to growing the sport of hockey in the Louisville, Kentucky region. We are achieving that goal with developmental programs, ranging from learn-to-skate and recreational house leagues, to house select and competitive travel teams. You can contact them at the link above and on Facebook.

No matter what your age or skill level is, if you have an interest in playing hockey, there's ice for you in Louisville.

General Information:


•Learn to play
•The classes will Saturday from 2:15pm - 3:15pm.

•Registration fee $185

•Basic skating skills, skating with a stick and hockey gear, moving the puck, fundamental rules of hockey.

Cross Mite
The Cross Mite Program is designed with the young players' development in mind without the use of full ice. Games are played on a third of the rink, ensuring lots of puck control and non-stop action. This program is for 6-8 year olds.



House League
Several times each year, teams form at all ages, to practice and play games in a house league. Practices are once a week and games are usually one or two each weekend. The house leagues are less competitive than the Select and Travel programs and no travel is involved. The emphasis is on skills development and having fun. The age divisions are the same as Select and Travel: Mini-Mite, Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget. Click here to register for the house league.


Players who have progressed in their skills and seek more challenge may want to try-out for a select team. The select teams (one per division) join a league made up of teams from other organizations and may compete at the B or A level depending upon the skills represented.
Play in a multi-organization league involves travel to other locations for games, as well as home games. Practices are usually twice per week, with 2 games, on the same day against the same opponent, played on the weekends. Select teams may also compete in tournaments which almost always requires a one or two night stay out of town. While the goal is still to have fun, skills development and competition is emphasized more than in house leagues. The age divisions are the same as House and Travel: Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget.




For players whose skills have outgrown the house and select programs, trying out for a travel team is the next step. The try-out schedule is different for each division. Please see the correct division page for summer conditioning and try-outs, and the correct team page for practice, and game schedules after try-outs. The travel season begins with practices in August and goes through March (sometimes April for late season tournaments or Nationals) of the next year. The travel teams may compete in B, A, AA, or AAA leagues made up of teams from other organizations. Play in a multi-organization league involves travel to other locations for games, as well as home games. Practices are usually twice per week, with 2 games, on the same day against the same opponent, played on the weekends. Travel teams also compete in several tournaments each year. Travel hockey requires a full commitment to practices and games, travel time and expense, and family support. The higher the level of competition, the greater the travel distances will be. One or two night stays out of town are almost always required for tournaments and sometimes for one-day game play, depending on the distance and scheduling. Competition is greater on a travel team than a house or select team. Players do not always get equal ice-time during games though they do get equal coaching during practices. The goal is to have fun, develop character, and improve skills, while competing at the highest level the team is capable of.

Coaches Contact Information

Coach contact information can be found on the respective team page located under the "teams" section of the Ice Cardinals website.

House League Phil Millett 502-314-4043
St. X Pat Sullivan 502-689-3615
Louisville Metro JR Wier 502-718-0342
Trinity Braden Zehner

All Star, State, or Tournament Teams

In order to field an elite competitive team, All Star, State, or Tournament teams are sometimes formed. These may consist of players pulled from different organizations in the region and often will only play as a team when they meet for a tournament. Other than tournaments, the players practice and play with their respective league teams. A State All Star team may be formed solely for the purpose of competing at the USA Hockey National level (provided they meet all USA Hockey requirements to do so).